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RU-2602982-C2: Method, apparatus and system for intelligently controlling device and plug-and-play device patent, RU-2606069-C2: Heat-insulated device for heating smoking material patent, RU-2606142-C2: Device and method for powder material pressing patent, RU-2607604-C2: Prevention of formation of bezoar by limitation of content of mineral substances in ration patent, RU-2613112-C2: Chitosan-based wound covering (versions) patent, RU-2613493-C2: Способ получения белково-витаминной добавки из крахмалсодержащего зернового сырья patent, RU-2617376-C2: Laundry processing device patent, RU-2628337-C2: Способы хранения криогенных текучих сред в резервуарах для хранения patent, RU-2631038-C2: Бумажный поддон глубокой вытяжки, способ и устройство (варианты ) для изготовления такого поддона и продуктовая упаковка с таким поддоном patent, RU-2641614-C2: Spectrometer with capacity transimpedance amplifier with displacement patent, RU-168998-U1: Зуб бороны patent, RU-169157-U1: Система безопасности и управления грузоподъёмной машины patent, RU-171178-U1: Устройство для добычи воды из скважины patent, RU-173515-U1: Электросорбционный генератор водорода patent, RU-176355-U1: Рулевое управление для колесных машин patent, KR-200445580-Y1: 자전거 주차장치 patent, KR-200452425-Y1: 건조 및 헤어스타일링이 가능한 헤어드라이어 patent, KR-200456944-Y1: Supporting means for dust-proof mask patent, KR-200458100-Y1: 선반용앵글 patent, KR-200458961-Y1: Fruit sorting equipment with weight scale device patent, KR-200459462-Y1: 통합버튼 스위치를 가지는 전자 장치 patent, KR-200462805-Y1: 호파차 도어 개폐장치에 이용되는 웜기어축 부싱 장치 patent, KR-200469542-Y1: Magentic block toy with joint module patent, KR-200473299-Y1: Lint remover patent, KR-200474532-Y1: Protecting Apparatus for Cable patent, KR-200475084-Y1: 상태 알림 장치 patent, KR-200476000-Y1: 레일조립형 창틀 및 그것을 구비한 이중창 patent, KR-200479677-Y1: Chair Type Device for Thermal Therapy patent, KR-200480440-Y1: Foundation container having a ring for discharging patent, KR-200481093-Y1: Removing the safety pen needle ejecting mechanism patent, KR-200481600-Y1: 전자교탁 patent, KR-200481932-Y1: A sports winter cap for women patent, KR-200484006-Y1: 자석이 설치된 클립보드 patent, JP-2531633-Y2: 磁界発生装置 patent, JP-H0126660-Y2: patent, JP-H0141752-Y2: patent, JP-H0143483-Y2: patent, JP-H0328404-Y2: patent, JP-H0441491-Y2: patent, JP-H0523769-Y2: patent, JP-H0527654-Y2: patent, JP-H0536458-Y2: patent, JP-H0548330-Y2: patent, JP-H054934-Y2: patent, JP-H0721014-Y2: ワイヤレス受信器に於けるバックアップ電源装置 patent, JP-S5415251-Y2: patent, JP-S5618847-Y2: patent, JP-S5619314-Y2: patent, JP-S5633442-Y2: patent, JP-S581703-Y2: patent, JP-S5832331-Y2: patent, JP-S584788-Y2: patent, JP-S588951-Y2: patent, JP-S5933648-Y2: patent, JP-S621820-Y2: patent, JP-S6238444-Y2: patent, JP-S628853-Y2: patent, JP-S629333-Y2: patent, JP-S6330704-Y2: patent, RU-2447659-C9: Pyrethroid liquid compositions patent, JP-2009208851-A: エレベータの据付方法、並びにそれに用いる据付治具 patent, JP-2009210525-A: 超音波式流体計測装置の多層流路部材の製造方法 patent, JP-2009210624-A: 光ケーブルの接続構造体 patent, JP-2009213615-A: 陶器風メラミン系樹脂製食器の製造方法、及び該方法により得られた食器 patent, JP-2009214727-A: Vehicle side collision determining device patent, JP-2009226855-A: 液体噴射システム、および、液体容器 patent, JP-2009227550-A: ガラス板折割方法及びガラス板折割装置 patent, JP-2009236889-A: Magnetic field measurement method and magnetic sensor patent, JP-2009241850-A: 自動車用内装パネル patent, JP-2009248283-A: Double-side sticking laminating device and double-side sticking method patent, JP-2009259269-A: 顔画像記録システム及び顔画像記録方法 patent, JP-2009270179-A: 出銑口装置の設置方法および出銑口装置。 patent, JP-2009277074-A: Supply voltage step-down circuit, semiconductor device and supply voltage circuit patent, JP-2009277905-A: Method of manufacturing wiring board patent, JP-2009283475-A: キーシート patent, JP-2009288758-A: 使い捨て変数を用い、処理過程における変数を情報理論的に不確定にすることよって暗号化と秘密鍵の秘匿に関し完全秘匿が成立するようにした暗号処理の装置および方法 patent, JP-2009288899-A: Fire alarm system patent, JP-2009299401-A: Curing method for moisture hardening type elastic pavement patent, JP-2009500429-A: 保存後も安定なアトルバスタチンカルシウムの結晶形 patent, JP-2009512017-A: 選択可能な下位精度を有する浮動小数点プロセッサ patent, JP-2009523894-A: ポリトリメチレンエーテルグリコールの製造 patent, JP-2009528431-A: 抗菌剤放出ポリマー patent, JP-2009531305-A: 物質を可溶化、分散、および安定化させる方法とその方法により製造される生成物とその使用 patent, JP-2009533976-A: 動的キャリア感知しきい値 patent, JP-2010002930-A: 撮像レンズ,撮像ユニット及びこれを備える携帯端末 patent, JP-2010010786-A: Equipment control system patent, JP-2010012411-A: 水質改善処理剤及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2010020919-A: 検査装置 patent, JP-2010023073-A: Bending device patent, JP-2010029388-A: 内視鏡用フード patent, JP-2010036409-A: 熱転写受像シート用ポリエステル patent, JP-2010038143-A: 内燃機関の制御装置 patent, JP-2010072865-A: Data processing apparatus, data processing method, program, and recording medium patent, JP-2010075793-A: 集塵装置およびこの集塵装置を備えた電気掃除機 patent, JP-2010091106-A: Axial load-insensitive emergency rolling bearing patent, JP-2010092375-A: Three-dimensional data generation device, method thereof, and program patent, JP-2010099550-A: 基板洗浄装置 patent, JP-2010103406-A: Method of manufacturing through electrode substrate patent, JP-2010110728-A: 配管清掃装置及び配管の清掃方法 patent, JP-2010113142-A: ポジ型感光性組成物及び導電パターンの形成方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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